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A View from The Prairie, 2020

January 2020

Stability and Disruption

So often we want a stable environment. However, humanity has experienced far more chaotic environments than stable ones. Often, we have a period of stability and then an "avalanche" of everything breaking down. The latest trend in venture capital is to invest in "disruptive" companies such as Amazon and Uber. We do better when we plan for both stability and disruption.


Brexit Opportunities

England is in the middle of breaking free from the EU. It happened at least one time before (in 52 AD). Brexit is part of the global "let us go back to how things were before". But that is not possible and offers opportunities and grave risks.


February 2020

Fraud in the Art Market

In the past, churches in Europe were filled with "relics" and churches competed on how many they held. Folks would go on pilgrimages to visit these churches. Have you ever wondered how these were acquired? When the Europeans showed up in the Middle East with money looking for "relics", they ran into the problem that not many actually existed. But there were hundreds of craftsmen willing to make fake relics for them. Today is not much different. Art fraud exists throughout the industry. Where there is a market, there are fakes. Over time, fakes drive out real.


Solve Wicked Problems

There are many "Wicked Problems" out there. A "Wicked Problem" is one where we can't know all the parameters, all the ramifications, or even all the ways to solve it, but are problems that real people have. There are formal definitions of "wicked problems", but the best way to describe them are that they are the result of other problems. Thus, there are no clear solutions, no way to tell if we have properly solved them, we may have conflicting information about the problem, and no way to do a test case first.


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