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Loyalty Systems for Profit

Door Prizes

Door prizes are simple ways to reward customers. A door prize is awarded to the person who walks through the door at a specific point in time. For example, we often celebrate the 1,000th or 10,000th customer or some other number with a ceremony.

However, door prizes can be more carefully targetted. For example, you might want to celebrate the 1,000th person who spends over $100 at the store. Or you might want to celebrate the 100th registered loyalty customer. Or you might want to celebrate the 100th customer ranked "B" who spends more than $50.

A lot of door prizes are used for major advertizing campaigns. For example, places might offer a free cruise to the one millionth customer.

Door prizes do best when integrated into an advertizing campaign. In that way, the prize is actually part of the advertizing budget. Some places spend far more on the advertizing of the prize than they do on the prize itself.