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Consultant's View, 2008

Jan 2008

New Phishing Lures

While many phishing lures are working quite successfully today, the ever capitalistic criminals are working on the next level of attack.


Are you seeing?

The end of year is usually when we managers and business owners reflect on the business. But do we see the problems?


Feb 2008

The Long Nose

The Long Tail is a reference to how older technology and products are selling far more than expected due to the lower cost of internet sales. What is not so well known is the other side of the curve�The Long Nose.


Risks and Perceptions

While many people want risk free systems and solutions, the problem is that we can't get risk free lives.


June 2008

Profit in a slowing economy

In both sports and war, a successful action has both "offensive" and "defensive" parts. The same thing happens in business.


Business In Motion

You want your business to crush the competition? Learn from warriors.


August 2008

Do you have a functioning team?

Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is powerful and so rare.


What makes for a good team?

Truly cohesive teams are obvious: 1. They trust one another.


September 2008

Denial of the burst

When a bubble bursts, there are some who roll with that burst and start figuring out what next to do. Many other people stay where they are and "hunker down" in the same patterns of behavior.


Have you changed your management style?

In hard times, it is very common to revert to "old line management" styles. Most such actions are actually counter productive.


November 2008

How much risk can you stand?

We, humans, react to perceived risk rather than actual risk, have different tolerances of risk in different areas of our lives, and we handle risk in different ways.


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