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Gift and Loyalty Server.

Gift Card Solutions

A gift card with a major card brand on it can be used anywhere. Those can only be sold through ISO's and will have transaction fees every time it is sold and used.

A "closed loop" system is one where the cards have to come back to the chain where it was sold in order to be used. We offer software that allows you to run your own gift card system without any transaction fees. As server software, it can handle any number of stores. Currently, it is processing for 100's of stores at other clients.

We offer the full software source code. It can be customized to your system and way of operating.

Loyalty Card Solutions

Loyalty can be done in a number of ways. This server is highly customizable with a number of different options. The simplest is to allow one point per dollar spent and accumulate the points. These points can be redeemed for rewards. Other options include random prizes, double points on different days, adding coupons, and having all these options be determined by what level of loyalty that customer has shown by dollars spent or frequent visits.


Full source code is available for $8,000.

Technologies used:


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Full Feature List

This Gift and Loyalty Server has:

  • Runs on SQL Server
  • (Can be set up to run on Azure Database as a Service for private versions)

Security Features:

  • PCI level Encryption of important data in the database so that when (not if) the database is hacked, the hacker can't use the information.
  • Encryption of Card numbers
  • Encryption of important cardholder data
  • Encryption of important merchant data
  • It logs everything in multiple formats so that errors can be tracked down and monitored
    • All log in attempts
    • All successful transactions
    • All failed transactions
    • All execution errors

Gift Card Functions Supported:

  • Receive cards into inventory
  • Ship cards to merchant
  • Gift Activate (put value on card)
  • Gift Sale (redeem of value)
  • Support for "Split Tender" on the sale
  • Gift Return (put value on card)
  • Card Top Up
  • Card Balance Inquiry
  • Transaction Void
  • End of Day Summary Report
  • End of Day Detail Report

Loyalty Functions Supported:

  • Loyalty Register Cardholder
  • Loyalty log Sale Transaction
    • With possible rewards issued on this sale
    • With possible prizes awarded on this sale
    • With possible coupon granted on this sale
  • Loyalty Return Transaction
  • Loyalty Balance Inquiry
  • With possible redeem of reward
Loyalty Management screens
  • Multiple ways that you can define how points are awarded
  • Multiple ways that rewards can be defined and awarded
  • Multiple ways that prizes can be awarded
  • Coupon management
  • Loyalty Reports
    • End of Day reports summary and detail
    • Customer Ranking Report
    • Differential Ranking Report
    • Loyalty Analytics
    • Revenue, Frequency, Monetary (RFM) Ranking and Reporting
    • RFM Charting
    • Coupon response reporting

System Management Screens:

  • Create Merchant
  • Edit Merchant
  • Allow the merchant to edit some data
  • Pricing allows for per transaction pricing
  • Merchant Billing
  • Merchants can manage clerk sign ons

Other Features:

  • Support for chains
  • Support for merchant groups such as a mall
  • Support for Agents and Sub Agents who are reselling the service
  • Support for Agents to have their own "BIN" range and they can issue cards to merchants
  • Merchant to merchant transfers at end of day and reporting on those transfers
  • IP address tracking on every transaction
  • Web API designed to work with VeriFone or other POS terminals (XML responses)
  • Web API designed to work with tablets or other devices (JSON responses)
  • Raw socket communications (such as VISA K or Paymentech or other format that you have documentation on) that some POS terminals need.
  • Three tier architecture with controllers instantiating business objects and calling methods which call Data Access Objects to manipulate the database.
  • SQL Stored procedures for the transactions
  • SQL unit tests
  • Limited Internationalization by a number of the error messages are stored in resource files
  • Supporting terminal ID's for multi-lane stores
  • Supporting multiple time zones through merchant local time stamp