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VeriFone Terminals

Welcome to the Prairie Trail Software, Inc. (PTS) web site. PTS is a busines and Computer conslting firm, in business since 1991, making information from streams of Data.

We offer some of the most experienced Verifone Tranz, and Omni, terminal programming available today.

For many years, VeriFone terminals were the mainstay of financial transactions. They were used for credit card verification, check approvals, phone card activations, as well as gift and loyalty transactions.

Verix Terminal Software

The fourth major development environment was "Verix". This platform restored the multi-tasking aspect with the all the added complexity that means. Thus, it is a lot more expensive to develop for.

In order to stimulate efforts to get the costs of terminal software down, we offer two different ideas of scripting languages for the Vx terminals

The first is inspired by the success of the Zon Jr terminal. That terminal was the first best seller terminal in part because it used a scripting language instead of using languages such as C. This simple scripting language can be seen here.

The second is a more elaborate scripting language inspired by the idea of the XL terminal. The XL terminal was the second best selling terminal because of the ability to do printing and data capture. In the modern world, data capture is not needed (and is not recommended by the PCI standards). But the ability to format and parse various buffers and print lines is critical. Thus, this one offers a whole formatting subsection. This more complex scripting language can be seen here.

TXO Terminal Software

After a number of people complained about the unusual structure of VeriFone TCL, they developed a version of "C" that ran on the terminals. This "C" was compiled to a "p-code" much like Java and .NET today. However, it was still running in a terminal instead of like on a PC and many people still had trouble with it. We developed a better library set for it and were able to do well.
Look at the side bar for access to libraries and tools for this platform.

TCL Terminal Software

Those of us who have been around a while remember terminals such as the Zon Jr XL and the Tranz 330. Turns out that these terminals were very cost effective for delivering applications both at the hardware level and at the software level. We developed a number of utillities that made developing for them easier and cheaper.

ZAPD Terminal Software

To complete the listing, we do need to mention the internal language, ZAPD, which was used on the Zon and Zon II terminals. This language was a multi-threaded language with numerous unusual structures in it. From a customer's point of view, the worst part was how it handled errors. It did not gracefully degrade. Instead, it would halt execution with a "ZAPD EXEC ERROR". There were many an application where the customer support people dreaded the merchant's call with that news.

If you want support for ZAPD, let us work with you to replace the hardware.

Free Downloads of Terminal Software

We have some code and utillities for these older terminals that we are making available for those who still want to program them. (Yes, if you want us to develop for these terminals, we still will.)

VeriFone TCL Utillities and code samples for the Tranz 330, Tranz 380, and Tranz 460

VeriFone TXO Utillities and code samples for the Omni 3200, Omni 490, and Omni 390