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PC Host Systems

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zHost Kit


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Terminals Supported

Omni 3750

Omni 3730

Omni 3200

Tranz 330

Tranz 380

Tranz 420

Tranz 460

Zon Jr XL

VeriFone TCL Utillities

VeriFone TXO Utillities

Other Technologies Supported

Since we have been in business since 1991, we have worked on a number of technologies. Some of these still have value to other people and we make them available for your benefit. We simply want to know when you are pulling them.

Here are pages about these other technologies

Conversion from MySQL

A little while back, we were converting the gift card system from MySQL to SQL Server. In MySQL, nearly every action was done as a stored procedure and the task to convert the whole system was taunting. So, we wrote a conversion program that converted the MySQL stored procedures to SQL Server stored procedures. It also does a better job of converting table definitions than most of the open source converters out there.

IP and Dial Up Host Software

We provided IP solutions to major credit card processors as well as dial up solutions to numerous start up companies.

VeriFone Terminals

For many years, VeriFone terminals were the mainstay of financial transactions. They were used for credit card verification, check approvals, phone card activations, as well as gift and loyalty transactions.

A rotating wheel awarding prizes

This was a project for trade show that never finished.

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