Host Systems

We offer two types of products, servers and application managers. Because of your unique needs and requirements, we offer the servers as custom solutions.

PTS Server Software

IP communications is what everyone needs now. Check out our proven solution.

IP Host / IP Communications Module

Dialup Server Software

Why would someone need something to answer the phone lines nowadays? Most of these terminals were developed prior to the advent of the Internet and they do not use the same protocols. The terminals use the protocol called VISA1. That means that you will need something that answers the phone and talks VISA1 to these terminals.


zHost is for those people who have a lot of terminals in the field. It is supporting 3,000 merchants at one location and can support (at least) 48 phone lines at once


EZHost is for those who do not have a lot of terminals. It is limited to 1 or 2 phone lines and thus is limited to about 100 merchants.

PTS Terminal Application Managers

For managing terminals PTS offers EZLoadr and zEdit. EZLoadr is the low cost way to manage a number of Tranz terminals. zEdit is a simple to use application which take a place, nicely, between the old DOS Zontalk, and the newer, more complicated, systems like Veritalk or Vericenter. For those who have a few number of the old terminals, we offer EZLoadr which only supports one phone line.

EZLoadr2 Terminal Managment Software

EZLoadr manages POS terminal applications. To keep the costs low, it is limited to downloading one terminal at a time.

zEdit Terminal Managment Software

zEdit is the enterprise level system and can support 50,000 terminals or more and can support 32 phone lines at once. It can manage both tranz terminals and Omni terminals