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Welcome to Prairie Trail Software, Inc.

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We offer custom software solutions to business problems
Generating more profit by automating processes, simplifying communications, and reducing errors

We offer custom web servers that automate business functions. We have been business since 1991 providing custom solutions to a number of businesses with a focus on automating transactions.

Recent Systems

One company needed to process some specialty employement forms (WOTC). We built a custom server for in house processing and a web server to take forms from the field. Now, these employment forms can be filled out by new hires in remote locations, sent into the secure server in house, and then forwarded to the proper state.

One company wanted to offer debit processing through the web. We built a web server to route debit card processing from remote locations into their host.

One company wanted to bring gift card processing in house. We customized our gift and loyalty product for their use. They are now able to offer some special products to their clients.

Since we are a custom software developer, any of our product offerings can be customized to meet your needs. See Services for more information about our custom capabilities.

For those looking for older systems and services, please look at Legacy Software Solutions.

We have worked with a wide range of customers and business sizes. No matter what the size of the problem, we can work with you to solve it.

If you have any questions please call.

Prairie Trail Software, Inc. is a registered Microsoft Partner Program member.


When software is first written, often it is "fragile"; users can find keystroke combinations or inputs that "crash" the program. Many a web page has been hacked by people who have discovered ways to break the normal behavior. It takes a lot of work to build the software so that it is able to gracefully handle bad input or aggressive attacks. We need systems that are not fragile. The same is true with corporate systems. We need antifragile corporations.


Turn the Problem Around

Many times, when we can get stuck on a problem, it helps to turn the problem around and look at it from another viewpoint. Turning a problem around is a common solution technique in the physical sciences and in sales. We can "solve" a problem from one viewpoint and then, when looking at the problem from the other side, see a totally different solution that is often far better.